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Xometry should I or Shouldn't I.

Xometry often receives criticism from suppliers for various reasons. However, dismissing the idea of partnering with them solely because of potentially challenging jobs or doubts about profitability might be a disservice to new shops looking to establish themselves.

It's important to acknowledge that collaboration with Xometry can have its downsides, but the responsibility lies in carefully evaluating each job opportunity they provide.

My personal experience with Xometry was foundational for my business. Initially, I relied on them as my sole income source, and through this partnership, I gained invaluable insights. Although I found their standards demanding at first, this experience taught me the importance of maintaining high standards in my own shop.

In conclusion, despite not heavily relying on Xometry now, their platform played a crucial role in my business's early days, helping me learn vital aspects of business management. It might not be a perfect fit for everyone, but it certainly has the potential to aid many. The key is to be discerning about the jobs you accept.

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