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Rockdale Manufacturing

Committed to Quality

Rockdale Manufacturing provides CNC techniques to meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to final quality checks, we make sure our parts are reliable and exceptional. We’re proud to be a pillar of continuous improvement in the industry.

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All about Rockdale Manufacturing

 Highly Effective

Foundation and Background:
Founded in 2019 by Bobby Lepitre, Rockdale Manufacturing LLC is a testament to determination and dedication. Our journey began at National Park Community College, inspired by the work of Titan Gilroy. Bobby, a single father, committed five years to establishing this company while working a full-time job, embodying the resilience and passion at the heart of our operations.

Core Values and Mission:
At Rockdale Manufacturing LLC, we are committed to exceeding expectations. Our mission revolves around delivering superior quality parts punctually, ensuring customer satisfaction, and doing whatever it takes to complete our tasks efficiently and effectively.

Products and Services:
We specialize in CNC 3-axis milling, threading, boring, Blueprint to CAD conversions, drilling, 3D profiling, and welding. Our approach involves utilizing custom high-density fixturing, advanced CAM software for optimal material removal, and proven, robust tooling. This allows us to push boundaries in our manufacturing processes, ensuring time-efficient and high-quality outcomes.

Our Approach to Business:
While we don’t have a specific target audience, our wide range of services is designed to meet various industrial needs. We pride ourselves on our unique selling proposition detailed in our services - our advanced manufacturing techniques and commitment to pushing the limits of our tooling, setting us apart in the industry.

Future Vision and Goals:
Looking ahead, Rockdale Manufacturing LLC is focused on significant growth and diversification. Our goals for the upcoming year include obtaining ISO 9001 certification, expanding our facility by 5000 sqft, and enhancing our capabilities with lathe and 5-axis services. These steps are aimed at diversifying our offerings and fortifying our position in the manufacturing sector.

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